What Our Gym Offers


A strength and conditioning program that includes elements of body weight movements, weightlifting, and caridiovascular movements done at high intensity . All workouts are scaled to individual ability and skill level. Classes are structured and coached.


Barbell Club

A less intense class where you will focus on the mechanics and skills associated with Olympic Weightlifting. We are a USAW (United States of America Weightlifting) Club. We have been the leading Barbell Club in the area for over 6 years.Class meets two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.



Like the Barbell Club, this class is not intense and focuses on the skills and technique Strongman training. Class meets with the Barbell Club.


Home School Gym Classes

A PE class specific to home schoolers. Class times are flexible based on the individual schedule. Classes can be either personal or in a group setting.


Sports Teams Training

Team training and sessions are scheduled and tailored for specific team needs. Sessions can be anywhere from 4- 12 weeks.


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